How to do Rank Push in Pubg Mobile Lite – Push Conqueror in BGMI Lite

How to do Rank Push in Pubg Mobile Lite – Push Conqueror in BGMI Lite

Push Conqueror in BGMI Lite: If you also want that we always push Rank in our game and remain at the top, then you can do this work very easily, because I will tell you with the complete step below that Pubg Mobile You will get a lot of ideas by reading how to do Rank Push in Lite, just read the article carefully.

Friends, in today’s time everyone wants to do Rank Push because if you do not do Rank Push and your friends are in Ace, then you cannot play the game with them, so you do not have to be less than anyone. Rank push is very easy in Pubg Mobile lite because in this you have to take care of only a few things, after that you can push Rank comfortably.

How to push rank in Pubg mobile lite?

If you do not know how to play, that is, you are still a new player, then you have a little difficulty in doing Rank Push, but you do not need to take tension, if you do Rank Push, then you can reach Conqueror very comfortably . And everyone also dreams of going to Conqueror. So yours will definitely be fulfilled.

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What is rank in Pubg Mobile Lite?

Friends, first of all know that what is the rank in PUBG MOBILE LITE or BGMI LITE, then look, this is an identity, that is, it shows how the players are playing, that is, how they are able to play and this It is known that on which rank the players are and the rank is also pushed because everyone can see your rank.

Friends, the way you study and there is an exam in your class and one of them gets 1st or 2nd and gets 3rd, then it shows how that student is in studies, in the same way Pubg mobile lite It happens inside this that it is known that in what rank those players are and from that they get an idea whether they will be fast in playing or not, kher, know more further.

Friends, there is some rank in Pubg mobile lite such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace and Conqueror, so whatever they are, it shows whether you know how to play or not. It is difficult to go to Conqueror because there are very few people who are able to go to Conqueror. So let’s know that we all will give complete information about how to push rank in Pubg mobile lite .

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How to do Rank Push in Pubg Mobile Lite – Push Conqueror in BGMI Lite

Friends have come, now we know how to do Rank push in pubg mobile lite, so for this I will give you 5 tips, if you want then definitely follow these 5 tips, after this you will get a lot of help in doing Rank push because all these I will tell you the method, all works and you will not have any kind of problem.

#1. Play Solo vs Solo Game

Friends, if you want to do Rank push very easily, then you should play solo vs solo, I am telling you this because if you play this game, you will not get many good players inside the game and I have seen this myself. It is very good to play solo match and in our own way we play the game.

If you do not have any good players or they do not know how to play well, then you have to take the game till the end with your mind, if you do this then believe me, you do not have any problem and you will be very You can easily play the game, if your KD is not high, then do not take tension about it at all, just pay attention to the rank.

#2. Rank Push in Squad or Duo

So look, you have to rank rank, it depends on you, if you have players, then you can push rank in squad too, but going to Conqueror in Squad is a very difficult task because you have to have good players in this, only then you can till the last. Friends can be saved, if you do rank push in this, then definitely use s12k Gun.

Because in this you kill the enemy by hiding and many times it happens that the enemy rushes on you, then at that time s12k gun works very well, so tell your friends also that use s12k to kill the enemy. It is easy. So if you have a team then you can rank push in the squad. 

#3. Select the team first

Friends, I have told you above that what happens in pushing the rank with Solo or Team, you get many benefits, now let’s talk about what you should pay attention from the beginning, then I want to tell you that first of all you Team Make someone who plays the game well because it is very important to have good players in the time of rank push.

That’s why you can kill everyone in anime, that’s why select the team carefully at the time of selecting and select good players, this will help you a lot in pushing the rank.

#4. Never land on a dangerous place

Friends, when you start the match, then first look at the map carefully and land at such a place where the enemy comes very little, because if you land at a place where the enemy is very much, then you have a lot of chance of dying. It is more because at that time you cannot get Gun etc. from Jaldhi.

That’s why whenever you land, land at a safe place, it will benefit you in playing the game till the end, so keep this thing in mind, it will benefit you a lot.

#5. Do not overdo Fight Enemy

Friends, if you land somewhere, then do not immediately fight with the enemy, because if you accidentally get killed by the enemy, then your rank decreases a lot, that is why you first take the gun and then take the good gun. Survive where there is no enemy.

You should try that you stay inside the zone anytime and you see that if the zone is about to be formed, then you go inside the zone first, because of this no one can kill you, if you go after the zone is formed, then there will be a problem for you. Could

You should also try to camp at such a place where no one can come, that is, camp at a secrete place, so that the enemy will never be able to see you and you can survive easily.


Friends, I hope you would have liked this article that kaise kare pubg mobile lite me rank push because I have told you so well that you can easily rank push by reading this and this method is also very easy. You had to follow the step well, after that your rank will be pushed very easily and you will reach Conqueror.

I hope you have liked this article, if you liked it, then definitely share it with your friends so that they can also get help.

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