How do I claim diamonds on Free Fire? Free Me Diamond Kaise Le 2023

Free Fire Free Me Diamond Kaise Le 2023: How to get Free Diamond in Free Fire

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In this post you will know about Free Fire Me Diamond Kaise Le as well as tell you about all the working methods and tricks of Free Fire Me Free Me Diamond Kaise Le .

As you know that Diamonds are required to buy anything in Free Fire game like Skin, Weapons, DJ Alok Character or Tools etc.

The fun of Free Fire game doubles with Diamonds, but here comes the problem that Diamonds in this Free Fire are very expensive which are a bit difficult to buy.

In such a situation, today we will tell you about the methods of how to get free diamonds in Free Fire, by which you will be able to get these diamonds for free and at a very cheap price.

Free Me Diamond Kaise Le – How to get Free Diamond in Free Fire 2023

To get Diamonds in Free Fire, open the game and click on the Diamonds icon. Now choose the number of diamonds you want to buy. Now Playstore will open from where you will have to pay for these diamonds. These diamonds will be added to your Free Fire account as soon as you make the payment. 

This was the Paid way of getting Diamonds which is quite easy, now let us know the method of free fire mein free mein diamond kaise le .

How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire [5 Ways]

If you want to enjoy the real fun of Free Fire game, then Diamonds are required for that. With these 5 methods, you can get as many free diamonds as you want in Free Fire.

1. From apps that earn Diamonds

2. Using Reedem codes

3. By participating in tournaments

4. Using Mod Apk

5. By winning giveaways

Free Fire Me Free Me Diamond kaise le 2023

There are many ways to get or earn Diamonds in Free Fire game, out of which we have brought the best way which is 100% working.

Yes, these methods may take some time to get diamonds, but all methods are free and you have to work hard for free.

Booyah App Se Free Me Diamond Kaise Le 2023: All Useful Info

1. Get Free Diamonds from Diamonds Earning Apps

If you want to get Diamonds for free in Free Fire, then there are many apps on which you get Diamonds for free.

Although you will find many apps but only some of them work. In Earning apps se free diamond kaise le, we have found 5 Apps for you.


2. Booyah

3. Playerzpot

4. Winzo Gold

5. Rozwin

You can download all these apps for free, let us know  how to get free diamonds from these free fire me diamond kaise le app .


Download and open this app and sign-up with your mobile number. You will have to verify OTP for sign-up which will come on your mobile number.


After this you have to go to the menu and open the Coupons section. Here you will see your sign-up bonus and other coins that you can redeem for diamonds.

You can also redeem these coins in Paytm, if you want to take Diamonds then go to the gaming section, here you will get 50 Free Fire Diamonds for 4000 Coins.


To earn science, you can play games or watch videos, later you can take diamonds by using these coins in free fire me diamond kaise le .

App namerouter
Daily Earning400 Coins
refer earn400 coins per referral
80 coins1 diamond

2. Booyah

In this app you have to connect your free fire account after that you will get many options to earn coins in this app.


The most famous method in this is Watch-and-earn, in which you have to watch videos, in return for which you get coins.

In Booyah, as you keep earning coins, your earning level also increases, so that you can earn more.


When you reach the Pro level, you can earn Diamonds as well as Dollars which you can transfer to your bank account.

App nameBooyah
daily earnings50 diamonds
refer earnno
Updated date04/11/2023

3. Playerzpot

In this, you do not get Diamonds of Free Fire directly, but you have to earn money for Google Play Store, from which you can take Diamonds later.


As you know that Free Fire Diamonds are bought from Playstore only. In PlayerZpot, you get apps and games that earn money by playing games like Ludo, Quiz in which you can earn money.

how to get free diamond

This app is similar to dream11, in this you can earn money from tournaments by making a team. Later with these money you can also know how to get free fire me daily 5000 diamond .

App namePlayerZpot
daily earnings100 diamonds
refer earnno
Updated date04/11/2023

4. Winzo Gold

By playing games free fire me free me diamond kaise le mein winzo app has become so popular today that everyone is earning money and free fire diamonds by playing games on it.

free fire me free me diamond kaise le

In this app you get many games and challenges of spin wheel. In some games, you can also bet with online multiplayers if you want.

If you win the game then you can redeem those money in your Paytm account or as Free Fire Diamonds.

free fire me free me diamond kaise le
App nameWinzo Gold
daily earnings150 diamonds
refer earnUpto 500rs/refer

5. Rozwin

Just like your name, you can earn Paytm cash and free fire diamonds every day for absolutely free.

earn free fire diamonds

Firstly, you have to earn Coins to get Diamonds, which you get in many ways like downloading Apps or watching Ads.

You can redeem these coins in Free Fire Diamonds. Its option is given in it, as well as you can withdraw these coins in the form of money in Paytm as well.

earn free fire diamonds

To get more diamonds, you also get the option of Refer-Earn, apart from Free Fire, you can redeem coins in BGMI as well.

App nameRoswin
daily earnings30 Diamonds
refer earn200 coins/refer
5000 Coins 30 Diamonds

2. Get Free Diamonds from Reedem Codes

Every day Free Fire and some popular websites or famous players issue such Reedem Codes which can be taken directly in Google Play to get Diamonds of Free Fire for free.

But people do not know how or where these redeem codes are found, so we wrote a post on these redeem codes- Free Fire & Pubg India Redeem codes 2023

In this post, we update working redeem codes every day so that first of all working codes can be found and Free fire me Free me Diamonds kaise le can be known.

These codes are in very less quantity, so the one who reedem them first only wins, so you have to keep checking again and again.


Like we told you for BGMI that Pubg me paise kamaye from online tournaments , just like that, Free Fire also has online tournaments.

There are many sites online for how to get free diamonds in Free Fire on which you can participate in online matches with other players.

how to get free diamonds in free fire

But the biggest problem in these is that it is not free, you have to pay entry fee in it. Official Free Fire also does tournaments which are free but they happen only occasionally.

If you are a good player, then you can participate in online tournaments, however, we would advise you to play for free.

You can take the help of these websites to participate in online tournaments of Free Fire. Such tournaments keep happening on these sites.

1. (Minimum entry fee 20rs)

2. (Minimum entry fee 100Coins)

3. (Entry fee 0)


5. Bookmyshow


7. (Minimum entry fee 10rs)

4. Get Free Diamonds from Free Fire Mod Apk

Many players use this type of Mod Apk from which they make everything free by making slight changes in the codes.

But in this method of mod of free fire me diamond kaise le, the team of free fire can also block your account.

People play games using mods of many games like Minecraft or Subway Surfer so that they can get unlimited coins.

In the same way , you get unlimited diamonds from the Free fire diamond hack application , but the team of Free Fire keeps on blocking by finding such mods continuously.

Try this method at your own risk, we are telling you this method only for information, your data can also be hacked by any such mod apps.

5. Win Free Diamonds by participating in Giveaways

If you watch the stream of Free Fire on YouTube or on any other platform, then you must have seen that many youtubers keep doing Giveaways of Free Diamonds.

For free fire me free me diamond kaise le , you can also get free fire diamonds for free by participating in such giveaways.

We also do Giveaways, comment on this post and share it on WhatsApp. We will send 100 Diamonds Redeem Code to whoever will share in 10 WhatsApp groups .

what is free fire game

Free Fire is an online Battle Royale game in which up to 60 players can play simultaneously. In this, all the players are dropped on an island, the one who remains alive till the last is the winner.

Different types of Guns and Map have been given to make the game exciting, as well as you can play this game by making a team of your 4 members.

Right now this game has been banned in India, but if you live outside India and still play this game through this VPN, then you will definitely find the way to get these diamonds useful.

Free Fire Game Features

In this game you get many options and settings, as well as you can customize your player according to your own. Let’s know about its popular features.

1. Can play this game with team or solo

2. Map is very big and exciting.

3. Voice chat can also be done with online players.

4. Graphics are very good.

5. You can download and play for free.                      

what are diamonds in free fire

Diamonds act like money in the Free Fire game, whenever you want to buy something in this game, these diamonds are needed for that.

Now you have to buy these diamonds either through Google Playstore with money or you can get them for free by the methods mentioned above.

What can you do with Free Fire Diamonds?

If you want to play like a pro player in Free Fire then these diamonds can be of great use to you, there are many things that can be improved or enhanced with these diamonds.

1. You can increase your speed.

2. Can take new characters.

3. Can unlock new weapons.

4. Pets and Skins are subject to change.

5. You can improve your Aim.

Final words on free fire me free me diamond kaise le

Many people start investing money in Free Fire or buy things with money. For such people, we specially appeal to play the game like a game.

If you want to get diamonds for free, then you can get diamonds by using these methods. If you like the information, then share it, write us comments for any question or suggestion.


Can diamonds be hacked in free fire?

There are many ways to get diamonds for free in Free Fire, but if we talk about hacking diamonds, you will find some mod apk files of Free Fire on the internet in which diamonds are unlimited. But such apps are also fake, due to which your data can also be hacked.

What are Free Fire Diamonds?

Diamonds are needed to buy something in Free Fire. These diamonds act as coins in this game in a way.

Is the free fire diamond generator real?

No, there is no such way to generate free diamonds. Yes, if you want to get diamonds for free, then you can earn diamonds for free with the help of some apps.

Where to buy free fire diamonds?

You can buy Diamonds in Free Fire from inside the game, along with this there are many sites like from which you can buy Diamonds at affordable prices.

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