Free Fire Solo Rank Push Tips And Tricks 100% Working

Free Fire Solo Rank Push Tips And Tricks 100% Working

Free Fire Solo Rank Push 2023: If you also want to push rank in Free Fire, then in today’s article I am going to give some amazing tips and tricks , with the help of which you can easily push rank in solo and also Heroic 1 star, Can easily go to 2 star, 3 star.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to move up the ranks faster in Free Fire, which will make it easier for you to push rank. Let’s know how to do rank push fast for free.

Choose Right Character

If you want to rank push in solo then first of all you have to choose your character correctly because character plays an important role in increasing the rank in solo rank push, with the help of which you can take the rank forward.

  6. With these character combinations, you can easily move up the ranks in singles.
Free Fire Solo Rank Push

Safe Landing & Location

After coming into the game with character combinations, you have to land on the right spot so that the enemy can’t hit you easily. There will be a safe landing, only then you will survive in the game for a long time. If you stay in the game till the end then you can easily win the game.

Below we are telling you the names of some such places where there is a safe place for solo.

  • 5 living spaces
  • river bank
  • Kota Tua

5 Surviving Place

  1. Riverside
  2. Kota Tua
  3. Katulistiva
  4. Sentosa
  5. keraton

Friends, by using these places, you can easily advance the rank in solo, this place is considered in the safe places of Free Fire.

In these 5 locations, you get very few enemies, so you can move up your rank by staying alive longer in the game.

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choose favorite gun

As you know how important gun is in the game, you must take your favorite gun so that you can easily kill the enemy.

Note that you have to choose that gun in your favorite gun to deal maximum damage/injury to the enemy so that you can kill the enemy and also increase your rank.

We are going to tell you about 5 such guns that you should take-

Long Range-

  1. VSS
  2. ACAT
  3. AK47
  4. SWD


  1. MAG – 7
  2. M1887
  3. M1014
  4. MP40
  5. UMP

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