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Do Sex like This For the First Time

should be something special. After a long wait, you get a chance to spend a few moments of love with the dealer of your dreams. Now whether you do first time sex in honeymoon or before that, but it should be a lifetime experience. Whenever you are ready to have sex for the first time, leave all the worries and just enjoy those moments. Here are some sex positions to try on the first night:

Man on top first time sex is better slow. Focus on maximum foreplay. When you’re all set, lie on your back with your legs elevated. Ask them to come inside you comfortably and enjoy this special moment to the fullest.

Similar to the ballerina spooning position, you maintain equal contact with your partner in this position. Elevate one of your legs by lying next to them. Let him place his feet between your legs and then ask him to come inside. In this position, you will enjoy slow moves more.

Fine Dine 69 If you want to enjoy first time sex completely, then you have to focus on lubrication too. Better lubrication means smoother sex. 69 position proves to be very helpful in this work.

The Soft Rock Lie on your back and ask your partner to lie face down on your side. Ask him to brace himself and put all his weight on himself. Then ask him to slowly come inside. Yes, try this position only if you can handle their weight.

The Dragon Lie on your stomach and spread your legs. Place a pillow under your belly and ask your partner to lie down on you. As soon as he comes over you ask him to slowly come inside. You will definitely enjoy this position.

Magic Mountain Prop your upper body on a pile of pillows. Now ask your partner to press his chest to your back and try to enter you from behind. Use a soft pillow to support yourself and prop your knees up. By making your partner sit on the edge of the bed, you sit on his lap

Place your hands on her shoulders and allow her back to be supported by pillows. Get down on her knees and ask her to slowly come inside you. Take the support of a pillow behind his head for support. It will be a memorable experience for you.

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