March Booyah Pass Season 3 – The Biotroopers Booyah Pass Rewards 

March Booyah Pass Season 3 – The Biotroopers Booyah Pass Rewards 

New Booyah Pass Season is going to be launched in Free Fire Max in a few days, in which many new items are going to be launched in Booyah Pass. The photos and names of the rewards found in this Booyah Pass have been announced by the Free Fire developers themselves, so they are about to launch all these items in 100% Free Fire Max. 

A new Booyah pass is going to be launched in the month of March which will be named The Biotroopers. You are going to get a lot of items in this Buoy Pass. The photo and name of all these items have been included in this post. 

Now the developers of Free Fire Max have told about some rewards so whatever we have told in this post will 100% launch in Season 3 Booyah Pass. 

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The Biotroopers Booyah Pass

This buoy is going to launch a pet nearby which is going to be named cactus. This pet was added to Free Fire Max but was not released in any event, so this pet is about to be launched in The Biotroopers Booyah Pass. The Cactus Pet will be given at level 1 in Buah Pass.

In this Buoy pass, a bundle is going to be launched at level 10, which is going to be named Project Ether Bundle.

About to launch a Gun Skin in this Buoy Pass. Whose name will be M79 – Project Q. Going to put this gun skin at level 100. The attributes of this gun skin are going to be something like this. 

Reload speed++

magazine +

Movement speed –

The Biotroopers Booyah Pass Season Rewards

  • M70 Project Q Gun Skin
  • Monster Truck – Project Q
  • Qualia Wave Banner
  • Project Qualia Loot Box
  • Project Either Bundle
  • Grenade – Project Q
  • Project Qualia Skyboard
  • Project Qualia Backpack
  • BP S3 Crate and Project Azure Bundle
  • BP S3 Crate
  • Booyah Pass S3 Crate
  • Project Sickle
  • Gloo Wall – Project Q
  • M79 Project Q and Booyah Pass Crate 3

The Biotroopers are about to launch a boy bundle at Booyah Pass. This Buoy Pass will award the Project Azure Bundle at level 50, the Project Cosmos Bundle at level 150, and the Project Qualia Bundle at level 190+. But it is going to be only one bundle whose animation can be changed.

Booyah Pass Season

At level 130 in this Buoy Pass, a Swythe skin is going to be launched, which is going to be named Project Sickle. 

In the month of March, we are going to launch a Gluwall skin, which is going to be named Project Q. Level 150 is going to be given to this Gluwall skin.

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