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Tell me how to do the work of number 2. Do 2 Number Ka Kaam like this

Note - If you are caught by the police while earning money by doing number 2 work, then you can also get harsh punishment. The purpose of writing this post is only to give information, but we do not take any responsibility for any kind of loss. 

*Please decide to do number 2 work on the basis of your discretion only.*

Sometimes such situations come in everyone’s life in which there is a dire need of money and nothing is available in business. 

In such a situation, many people start running their mind towards the wrong ways of earning money. Because when ghee does not come out from a straight finger, then the finger has to be bent.

2 Number Ka Kaam

People like you want to earn money by doing 2 number ka kaam but do not ask anyone that how to do 2 number ka kaam kaise kare, that’s why people search in google or youtube how to do 2 number ka kaam kaise kare or wrongly how to earn money. Start getting information. 

If you also have to do the work of number 2 under compulsion and you want to know how to work for number 2, then today’s article will definitely help you. 

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2 number ka kaam kaise kare

You can do number 2 work in these ways- 

  • sell stolen mobile 
  • sell stolen laptop
  • sell stolen bike  
  • betting
  • to gamble
  • making money selling body parts like kidneys
  • country liquor business
  • Charas, ganja, smack business
  • bride’s market
  • prostitution
  • Surrogacy comes in the number two business. 

1. Selling stolen mobile 

  • If you want to do this number 2 work, then for this you will have to talk to the shop owner who bought the stolen phone.   
  • Whenever someone’s mobile is stolen, break his sim at the same place. And yes, change the IMEI number of that phone as well.
  • After this start the work of changing the mobile. If possible, change the upper body of that phone so that if that person sees this phone in someone’s hand, he will not be able to recognize that it is his phone.  
  • If the mobile is very expensive, then it may be difficult to sell it, in such a situation, if you sell the parts of this phone like display camera etc. at different prices, then it will definitely be sold. And then no one will even know.   

2. Selling stolen laptop

The advantage of stealing a laptop is that there is no tracking system installed in it, due to which it is difficult to catch the thief.  

The good thing is that the demand for laptop parts is also good in the market, so you can sell stolen laptop parts at a good price.  

3. Selling stolen bike 

Selling stolen bikes is not a very good job because it involves a lot of risk. Firstly, they are expensive and on top of that they cannot be stolen easily like mobiles, laptops because their size is huge. 

  • You cannot sell the stolen bike easily, but you can definitely earn money by selling its parts. Anyone can recognize the vehicle but who will pay attention to its different parts. 
  • If you want, you can modify the bike or change its design and look and sell it in the outside area. If you sell it in the area from where you have stolen, then there is a fear of getting caught.  

Similarly, you can also think of selling a stolen car. 

4. Betting

This is such a number 2 work from which many people have earned lakhs of rupees and some people are still earning. 

Although the government has banned this work, still people do the work of betting secretly.  

If you want to do the work of this number 2, then for this you have to bet by selecting a number. If money gets stuck on the number you entered, then you will be paid at the rate of Rs 9 per Rs 1.  

To bet, you have to talk to the secret agent of your local area. The one who does the work of betting. 

5. Gambling 

People are earning thousands of rupees every month even by gambling. But there is a lot of shock on losing in this. So gamble at your own risk. 

6. Earn money by selling body parts

There are different types of people in this world. Some do not have money, so they have to do number 2 business, while some have money, but the body parts are not working properly to live life. 

When an organ is given to a needy person for free, then it is called organ donation, but when this work is done for money, then it comes in the work of number 2. 

By the way, you must have already understood that how money would be earned by selling body parts. 

7. Business of country liquor

This number two business happens in every small village and city. It is better than other businesses. Because its demand is always there in the market. 

  • If you set up a shop directly to do the business of country liquor, then you may have to grind the mill of jail if you do not have a license. 
  • That’s why to do this number two work, first you open a small shop. This shop can be related to the things that people like to drink with alcohol. Like you can open egg shop, open chicken shop,
  • And now on the pretext of these shops you can do country liquor business. 

8. Business of Charas, Ganja, Smack

You must have also seen in films how goons do business of intoxicants like charas, ganja. 

The police don’t even get to know and the goods reach from one place to another. But when these people come in the hands of the police, they are also washed well. 

  • The business of charas, ganja, smack would be going on in your surrounding area but you are not aware. 
  • If you want to do this work, then first you have to join them and show your ability whether you can do this work or not. 

9. Bridal Market

Sometimes it is heard that a new marriage had just taken place and his wife ran away with money or gold and silver. 

Friends, whatever such cases come to the fore, most of the brides have already arranged such marriages with many people. 

Their aim is to run away by extorting people’s money. 

Girls are not available for boys in states like Rajasthan and Haryana, so taking advantage of this, some people do bride business with this. 

10. Prostitution

You must have heard the name of this word and also know about it. 

There is no proper law regarding this work in our India. That’s why it is considered illegal. 

But in some countries its laws are different from ours and there it is all legal. 

The boys who are involved in this business are called call boys and the girls are called call girls. 

Disclaimer – If you are caught by the police while earning money by doing number 2 work, then you can also get harsh punishment. The purpose of writing this post is only to give information, but we do not take any responsibility  for any kind of loss .

*Please decide to do number 2 work on the basis of your discretion only.*

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